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KATYA is established to bring the most innovative ideas into products and reality. We use our esthetic sense with the expert 2D/3D concepts, not only to color and enrich your quality lifestyle, but also brighten the commercial markets, shopping center and featured parks.

Katya maintains a firm commitment in order to bring the products with free and creative thoughts. We intend to continue injecting pleasure, enthusiasm and the spirit of challenge into people's lives.


Experienced and enthusiastic design team specializes in all aspects of design, including theme, products, exhibitions, and architectural design. The precise interpretation of the clients' requirements is facilitated, resulting in optimal solutions characterized by an ideal balance of creativity and practicality. Highly skilled CAD draftsmen and experienced specialties craftsmen in close collaboration with designers.

Modeling & Moulding

We have our own in-house mould makers. They can produce sample models in any shape and size with astounding details. We can create a sample model from sketches, design drawings, photographs or any available references - even through telecommunication. These models are the basic skeleton to demonstrate how vivid the products can be in real production.


Our factory principles have impressive and breathe of experience not only in fibrous GRP, GRC and GRG, but also other materials for figures and toys making. Combining traditional methods with the most advanced technology, all products are produced by our in-house team with well trained/ experience craftsmen. It leads to the highest quality of production.


Authority and Standards

The plasters used by Katya comply with the Class A requirements of BS1191: Part 1: 1973(1994), "Specification for gypsum building plasters; excluding premixed lightweight plasters".

  • Class A requirements of BS1191: Part 1: 1973(1994), "Specification for gypsum building plasters; excluding premixed lightweight plasters".
  • Glass reinforced polyester mouldings are produced in accordance with Bs 4549: Part1: 1970, "Guide to quality control requirements for reinforced plastics mouldings; polyester resin mouldings reinforced with chopped strand mat or randomly deposited glass fibers".

Painting team

We have a crew of in-house painting technicians and they are all trained up by our painting director, who has more than 15 years experience on professional painting. Thus, every member in the team is an expert on spray painting, hand painting, as well as scenery painting.

On-site Painting Team

Our on-site team members are all professional technicians who are able to do all kind of natural scenery painting, such as Adventure Land in Hong Kong Theme Park and some other natural historical scenery. We can also perform all aspects of high quality of hand painting as request.

Factory Painting Team

Painting team in our factory sees every painting procedure as a serious task in order to give the best performance result with stunningly realistic-looking characters, natural creatures and other various products.


Authority and standards

All of our products are painted with high quality paint such as DuPont Performance Coatings which is a leading commercial paint with high appraisal of color accuracy and profitability. Our purpose of using this powerful coating in the industry is that it is not only a paint that Disneyland has qualified to use but it also reduces volatile organic compounds (VOC) which helps environmental savings.

  • All selected high quality coatings are under ASTM International's standard, including:
  • Humidity Resistance (ASTM D2247) – 02 Standard Practice for Testing Water Resistance of Coatings in 100% Relative Humidity.
  • Dry Heat (ASTM D2485) – 91(2000) Standard Test Methods of Evaluating Coatings For High Temperature Service.
  • UVA 340 Con (ASTM D-4587) – 05 Standard Practice for Fluorescent UV-Condensation Exposures of Paint and Related Coatings.

We have a wealth of experience in delivering projects through all procurements routes from traditional contracting, design & build to management contracting on a competitive basis. We take great care over our understanding of our clients requirements to ensure we deliver to those requirements.

The strength is control throughout the life of each project, by senior Project Managers leading the team through its design to completion of the installation program.


To ensure the quality of every project, quality control is a very critical process. Thus, we have our in-house QC team who is responsible on every project inspection. Each project goes through the following steps:

  • Pre-production inspection (PPI) Should any defects be found before production, our inspectors will identify the causes and recommend corrective ways for quality improvement during the production stage.
  • During the production inspection (DPI) This inspection starts when an un-paint semi-finish product is fully completed and assembled. With all materials present and correct, and all surface detailing is per client’s specification with all hardware in place and install.
  • Final pre-shipment inspection (FPI) It is performed when the product is fully completed, ready for delivery and/or installation. Our inspectors will check again the quality and the details if the product is under client’s specification.